Fear and Denial LIVE

from by Humble Mumbles



The first LIVE episode of Humble Mumbles! The Could-Have-Beens, On Fear and Denial, or: fighting fear with fear itself.

Featuring the musical improvisation of Joel Chartkoff and Zach Webber, including full songs and under-word-support.

A dreamy! yet trenchant! yet life-affirming meditation on FEAR and DENIAL. On how being deceived, as an individual or a NATION, spurs anger and fear! And how we can fight lies and fakery by not fighting back with lies and fakery e.g. following the same old patriarchal script.

Also of interest: the banality of evil, recognition of susceptibility and accountability for anger 'n fear 'n shame. Welcome the shame. Give it a loving home. Only then can it be nurtured into not-shame.

Cover photo features the artists at work: Joel in foreground; Zach in back.


from Humble Mumbles, track released February 10, 2015




Humble Mumbles Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mumbles LIVE :

Fringe Festival
September 16, 17 & 22, 2017

How to Get From Bethlehem to Jerusalem to Ramallah to Hebron

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