Israeli Propaganda at The Movies! LIVE at The Galleries at Moore : Part I

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Part 1

This episode features bad ideas in the forms of movies and all the horror that in real-life results, as presently seen in the current intifada or ‘unrest’ across Gaza, Israel and the West Bank.

This episode lay analyzes Israeli movies in the aim of understanding national-ethical narratives of victimhood and terrorism through art. Munich, The Bubble, Waltz with Bashir (you may have noticed one of these movies is not Israeli. Humble Mumbles: Reliable some of the time) and more! Sex scenes, death auras, ideologies of innocence, aggressive worship of tragedy — we tackle IT ALL.

Featuring music-swelling movie trailers and a few other languages! An elongated Munich (2005) sequence! & measured words from Yousef Munayyer.

‘I watched these movies so you don’t have to!’ is one way of looking at this episode.

Thank you and good day.

(Photo: Movie stills from Waltz with Bashir interspersed with news photos of a Palestinian woman yelling at a member of the Israeli border police at a protest against illegal settlement expansion in the West Bank and clashes from early October 2015 on a day when 7 Palestinians were killed)


from Humble Mumbles, track released November 20, 2015




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How to Get From Bethlehem to Jerusalem to Ramallah to Hebron

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