Palestine Part III: Firas in Hebron

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In this episode, Humble Mumbles happens upon a really cool fellow in Hebron, a city in the West Bank.

We talk about Israeli soldiers v. Israeli police, Chosen People attitudes of entitlement, intifadas, neighborhoods. Most melodious episode ever.

This episode was recorded LIVE in the dead past from the H2 Israeli-controlled section of Hebron in August 2015. Since late September, violence has hugely risen, in Hebron as everywhere in Palestine/Israel:

A NOTE ABOUT SETTLERS, since I use this term a lot: 'Settler' is not simply a colorful term for Israeli. Settlers are Israelis who specifically live in 'settlements' in the West Bank. The West Bank is OUTSIDE of the 1948 armistice borders of Israel i.e. the Green Line. The West Bank is internationally recognized as Palestinian territory but has been under Israeli occupation since 1967. Israeli settlers settle for many reasons (such as government stipends, the appeal of living in a more 'rural' countryside…) but most settlers--and particularly settlers in Hebron--settle because they believe it is their right/destiny to inhabit and claim all of the land of historic Palestine for Jews (the goal of Zionism, after all). No one is happy about the settlers except the settlers, not even mainstream Israelis.

For more information on the fascinatingly microcosmic city of Hebron, Humble Mumbles recommends:

Contemporary Palestinian documentation from Youth Against Settlements
Contemporary International footage
Sympathetic Israeli perspectives
An International abroad…
And how about the most petrifying thing… especially the last sequence
Hebron now, holy shit

To keep abreast of recent events: and

Thanks to Firas. Music by Old Table.


from Humble Mumbles, track released October 27, 2015




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How to Get From Bethlehem to Jerusalem to Ramallah to Hebron

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