Resistance in Occupied France and Palestine : The Sorrow and the Pity, Part 1 (with Never Forget Radio)

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Part 1
(Part 2 here:

Can Marcel Ophuls' 1969 documentary "The Sorrow and the Pity" about the French resistance in Occupied France (1940-1944) help us understand the occupation of Palestine (1967-present)?

Sibling pods Humble Mumbles and Never Forget Radio investigate in this joint episode.

Featuring audio from the 1940s to the present, bombastic movie trailers, Suez Crisis newsreels, songs, public apologies and denials, interviews with resisters and administrators, feminist ideas about intentionality, the Uses of Others, retrospective interviews with French Resistance fighters from the 60s and Palestinian activists now. Germans and Israelis speak out! hats of the powerful

Music by Le Trio Joubran and Old Table with special guest Maurice Chevalier. Thanks to Mary Abu Ghattas.

Voila l’episode

Never Forget Radio

Marcel Ophuls’ old documentary about France -- The Sorrow and the Pity (trailer)
Marcel Ophuls’ new documentary about Palestine -- Unpleasant Truths (trailer)
Valentino's Ghost (trailer)

Issa Amro talking to Israeli settlers in Hebron
& his organization Youth Against Settlements
Sahar Francis talking with Americans in Ramallah!
& her organization Addameer
The New Inquiry on ‘The Incidental Insurgents’ in Philadelphia
Daniel Roth’s “The Hegemony of Violence in Israel and/or Palestine”

Le Trio Joubran
ABC Australia clip featured
Also quoted in this episode: Munich
See more in the Israeli Propaganda episodes
Anthony Eden hat


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How to Get From Bethlehem to Jerusalem to Ramallah to Hebron

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