The Feminine Macabre: A Very Special Episode for Little Berlin

from by Humble Mumbles



What IS The Feminine Macabre? Let Danielle tell you! This is a Very Special Episode, the first in the Feminine Macabre series, prepared for Little Berlin’s Incite/Excite show on May 29th, 2015.

By the end of this episode/life, YOU TOO shall know femininity. Is it real, important, the same for everyone or inherently … MACABRE? Danielle Finnegan's take on femininity, family, injustice, Billy Joel song symbolism, pole athleticism, 'girlish' softness and brokenness will lead you on your way. In this episode, a mystery is solved.

Music by Gavin Riley and Gina Renee Fontana.

Huge, incredible thanks to Danielle Finnegan, Never Forget Radio, Little Berlin and the great city of Philadelphia, my mom, the Internet and it is now 5AM so goodnight.


from Humble Mumbles, track released May 29, 2015




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